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About ClickNetworks

We have a passion for creating software solutions for difficult problems. We started out trying to sell internet in a complex that had zero internet connectivity, we quickly realised the existing software to manage such a network didn't serve us well and started to develop our own.

All the products we have created since were primarily because of the same frustration, how can we do it simpler, better.

Our Products


Managed Wi-Fi Hotspot

ClickSPOT Allows you to create a guest or paid Wi-Fi service to suit just about any environment. Set, time and data access limits, group profiles. Vouchers can be sold for cash or purchased online with our Payfast integration. 


Cloud Backup

Possibly the most affordable online backup hosted in SA datacenters. Your data get backed up to a secure server and replicated to a second location. Sleep easy, your data is nice and cosy in our cloud.
Packages start from R50 p/m


Coming Soon

ClickDeliver will be part of our ClickSHOP e-Commerce platform. We are creating a platform for restaurants and take-away franchise to take control of their deliveries. Set their own prices and not pay exorbitant commissions on delivery.


Get rid of the admin and the late payers

A lot of small ISP's are manually allocating payments and packages for their Internet subscribers, one by one.. We've automated online payment and package activations. Works great on Fibre and Wireless broadband, easy to implement, Sell Prepaid or recurring Internet services. Easy.


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Phone: +27 10 312 5053